We Provide Board Certified Radiologists

Images are interpreted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Manasseh Medical Imaging professionals are board certified and experts in emergency radiology imaging interpretations! You can count on us to provide you with the high quality care your patient deserves!

STAT reports are available on-line and faxed within 1 hour from the time the radiologist receive the images.

Our Radiologists interpret the images sent by our Radiology Technologist via a secured web-server; results are then faxed to the facility. That's it, all done!



Manasseh Medical Imaging provides nothing but the best in quality care!

Manasseh Medical Imaging utilizes state of the art digital x-ray technology that allows bedside processing and viewing of images.  Bedside viewing of images insure the best quality of images possible are obtained and assist in quicker diagnosing of abnormalities.  Digital technology, allows images to be transported via the secured wireless internet to our radiology information system, making the images available to healthcare providers within minutes, it also allows for immediate radiologist interpretations on STAT cases.  With all of these advantages, patient care is drastically improved!!!


Currently available in Lubbock, Texas, Ultrasound is available to facilities and patients in skilled beds, or are private pay, or have private insurance.  Manasseh Medical Imaging is waiting for approval to make this service available to all Medicare and Medicaid patients. 



Available in Lubbock, Texas, Manasseh Medical Imaging works with local companies to make this much needed service available. 



Amarillo Texas and surrounding communities


El Paso Texas and surrounding communities


Lubbock Texas and surrounding communities